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Updated Feb 2016
Adonis Golden Ratio Program Review by John Barban

I was looking for a body transformation program that can help me to achieve  not only fat loss but lean and symmetric body, naturally and systematically. I don’t like to look like the big muscle guys like Terminator – Arnold Schwarzenegger or Rambo – Sylvester Stallone but the guys like Wolverine – Hugh Jackman or 007 Jam Bond – Daniel Craig, symmetric, tone, lean, vibrant, attractiveness. Fortunately, I have found one and I am going to introduce to you that program in this article. So how to get ripped naturally? You will find the answer here.

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Naturally, nearly all men wish to have a well built and attractive body. We spend lots of time in the gym lifting weights and working so hard just to get the muscles toned up, and maintain our physical fitness. Sad part is that most of the time, thanks to a combination of factors, the results achieved are usually not proportional to the amount of work done.  It is for this reason that Adonis Golden Ratio program was developed. It is a book that gives guidelines on diet and tricks of exercising which are designed to give you the perfect masculine physique.

adonis golden ratio system pdf book review 

Book Authors
adonis golden ratio system review john barban

Kyle Leon and John Barban are the brilliant minds that came up with Adonis Golden Ratio pdf. John Barban has a Master’s degree in Human Biology obtained from the University of Guelph, the very same place where he worked as a conditioning coach for 3 years. He has also worked at the University of Florida among many other places, helping create NxLabs, Muscle Tech and Slimquick among other brands.



Kyle Leon is a marketer dealing with fitness products as well as a renowned fitness trainer. He is also a fitness model, nutrition specialist and a product development consultant. You are likely to have spotted him a number of fitness magazines and AGR system reviews.
adonis golden ratio review kyle leon

How does Adonis program help you to get golden ratio?

The Adonis Golden Ratio system gives you access to Nutrition software, Training program, diet calculator and their user community. This will cost you a total of $37 and giving you 100% Money Back Guarantee. In general, it is a nutrition, supplementation and a 12 week workout program often referred to as the ‘Perfect Body Formula’. It is intended for men only. They say following it will give you the “Adonis Effect”, something that makes you more attractive to women even in their subconscious. Well, if it results in great body shape and form, then it just might be true.

If you can’t spend full price then you always have option to use discount coupons. Currently they are offering 20% off promo code that you can use to buy entire system for too low. Once you purchase their program then you will be given link to download that. You can easily open that from your smartphone or computer.

The AGR Nutrition Training and Diet PDF

This is actually the major chunk of the Adonis Golden Ratio comprising of workout, nutrition and supplementation programs. The three different goals that this system can help you achieve are ‘fat loss’, ‘muscle gain’ or ‘combined fat loss and muscle gain’. All these goals have specific plans.

You will be required to enter some data into a software which is meant to help you determine your goal. The data include weight, height and waist. I however believe that anyone can determine his own goal so the software is just an extra.

Things to be considered before buying Adonis nutrition training:

Programs for workout

The programs for workout are on a daily basis and structured in such a way that they are quite simple to follow. They give you exact exercises to perform, number of repetitions and the number of sets to perform on any specific day.

The types of workout include circuit training, super sets and pyramid sets. In order to complete these, you truly need dedication and must push yourself beyond your comfort zones.

The difference between the ‘combined muscle gain and fat loss’ and ‘muscle gain’ plans is basically the variation in intensity. The workout routines are quite similar. The ‘fat loss’ plan on the other hand focuses a lot more on circuit training; high repetitions and minimal rest periods. It is interesting to note that the program doesn’t include deadlifts. This is due to the simple reason given by Barban that it increases the waist, resulting in a less attractive appearance.


AdonisGoldenRatio system revolves around certain dieting principals, which are detailed in the Nutrition Program. It employs the protocol of the Reverse Taper Diet which is based on the Fat Availability theory. The theory states that less body fat will make the body to not prefer using fat for fuel, making it harder to lose any additional body fat.

That dilemma is solved by increasing intake of calories gradually as the body fat drops. You continue doing this until you get to the optimal maintenance point. This approach is nearly the complete opposite of what most people do when they intend to reduce body fat but surprisingly it is more effective, especially in the long run.

download adonis golden ratio book with discount coupon


This program is meant to boost your efforts and help you achieve your goals quicker. It is however, not a primary focus. You will get full details on what supplements you are supposed to use for whichever goal you wish to attain. You can still achieve your desired results without using the supplements but it might take a little more time.

The Nutrition Calculator Software

The Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator uses an algorithm that is fairly accurate, taking even the waist measurement into account. The waist measurement helps to indicate the overall health and percentage of body fat.

The software requires the dimensions of your body from which it will calculate the weekly nutritional targets as well as the body measurements that you should strive for.

You should get new recommendations by updating your measurements on the software at the end of every week

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Pros and Cons of Adonis Golden Ratio System

The aspect of community is one of the things that separates Adonis golden-ratio from the other fitness programs in the current market. They have forums that are very active and engaging. It gives you an opportunity to network with other people who have had success with the program, to share your goals and even to keep track of your own progress.


  • Ideal for everyone: Both beginners and more advanced individuals can benefit from the program
  • Price: In comparison to the amount of content you get, the price is very fair. For $37, you get all the knowledge you need to fully transform your body within 12 weeks
  • User friendly: Everything from their manual is quite easy to understand and follow. Clear guidelines are given with additional videos to ensure that you will always be doing the right exercises in the right way.
  • Personalized: The program is designed so as to cater for every individual. Whatever your goals are, AGR will design a suitable plan for you.
  • Amazing results: The program focuses on achieving amazing results within 12 weeks.
  • Money-back guarantee: If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the product, you will receive a full refund within a period of 60 days from time of purchase.
  • Active forum: You get full access to a forum that is extremely active. Such a forum comes with a tone of other advantages of its own. With over 10,000 threads and over 44,000 members.
  • Complete information:You get all the information that you may require including workout, diet and even lifestyle.


  • Lack of explanations: The program does not explain everything scientifically, like how they end up with the number of sets and reps chosen. However, based on the AGR reviews posted by successful users, I can conclude that the numbers are as close to accurate as possible.
  • No deadlifts: Many gym enthusiasts are used to deadlifts and find it weird completing the entire program without them. The results without the deadlifts are still spectacular though.


What do you get?

After purchasing, you will get the following items

  • Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) eBook by John Barban
  • AGR Nutrition Software
  • AGR Meal System
  • Exercise Gallery
  • Access to the Community (Forum)
  • 3 Additional Special FREE Bonuses: ($397 value)
    • Bonus #1: The Adonis Abs and Arm Assault
    • Bonus #2: Adonis Unlimited Upgrades
    • Bonus #3: 7 Days Out – Special Program
  • After completing AGR 12-week system training program, if you want to improve more, if you want take yourself for contest and phototoshoot, if you want to take it further and to live the adonis way everyday of your life, you can purchase the following item (It’s called the Intemediate Level) (Optional)
    •  AGR Final Phase: training & nutrition strategies to build muscle, refine body’s proportion and lose the last bit of fat.
    • Gauntlet: contest,  competition, photoshoot …
    • IXP: further fat loss, muscle build, physique shaping, confidence attention and success.

Conclusion: Does this program book really work?

Adonis Golden Ratio System is among the very few that can maximize the growth of muscle with minimal increase in body fat. The program is fully customized to suit your specific needs and comes at a great price. Finding an alternative to it can be an uphill task.

I would definitely recommend the program to anyone in need of a single system that will help you build lean,  symmetric muscles quickly, and get the ripped naturally.

adonis golden ratio review

Adonis Golden Ratio

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